Composed of 2 elegant rooms, Stella" suite is a versatile environment full of charm and history.

What used to be the ancient chapel of the nineteenth century today is a large living room that presents a practically symmetrical architectural structure surmounted by a huge vaulted ceiling and embellished by two ancient stained-glass windows on the sides that give an evocative play of lights; the precious liberty mosaic embellishes the whole environment even more.

A corridor leads to the double bedroom below which is the ancient cistern which can still be seen through a glass window cut into the floor.

Both spaces are communicating with each other and, if necessary, with the main apartment; however, they retain their independence from each other by having independent access and a private bathroom.

Complete the endowment a maxi screen TV, air conditioning, minibar and kettle in all the other rooms.

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S.p.A. 16 n. 10
73043 Copertino (LE)

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